Thursday, May 14, 2009

Neely's Low Calorie Delicious Chili

1 - 1.25 lb ground turkey
6 cans kidney beans (dark or light red)
6 cans tomato sauce
1 - 2 onions
1 - 2 green bell peppers
3 packets mild chili seasoning
1/3 cup water
optional: low fat shredded mozzarella
optional: fat free sour cream
optional: fat free saltine crackers

In large pot, brown (er, whiten) ground turkey. Dice onion and bell pepper. Once turkey is fully cooked, add onion, bell pepper, and water. Turn heat up and allow water to boil off, thus softening the veggies without the time it takes to slow cook. Once water boils off, add tomato sauce, kidney beans, and as much chili seasoning as you like. Stir, cover, and simmer for anywhere from ten minutes to an hour - it's up to you. Serve with low fat shredded mozzarella cheese and a dollop of fat free sour cream. Fat free saltines make a good dipper. Delicious and healthy! Makes enough for a family of four to eat two to three meals, so it's both easy and economical. Approximately 260 calories per cup.

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